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Operation procedure

Register and login

1.Input web address(, enter website

2.Click “Register” button for registering. Fill in user information and verified to be the corresponding role.

3.After successful registering, enter the login page。

4.Input the account and password, enter web page

Online Classroom

1.Click “Online Classroom” in the portal, enter Online Classroom page。

2.After entering Online Classroom page, you can select the interested course for viewing or purchasing.。

Online Meeting

1、Click “Online Meeting” in the portal, enter the online meeting topic page, click”immediate reservation” and enter conference reservation page.。

2、Select the conference room that is free, click for meeting room reservation.。

3、Enter and select reservation time, select date and double click for enterin

4、After entering, you can check which period of time is not reserved.

5、Click “Add” and enter page of filling reservation informationd.

6、After filling information, click save, the conference shall send reminding message to the user 15 minutes earlier before the conference starts, you can also see related information about conference in “My Meeting”..

Custom training

1.Click “Custom Training” in the portal, enter custom topic page.。

2.Then fill in related information and click submit, if submitting success, the admin shall receive your information at first time。

3.After the admin approves your application, he/she begins to formulate scheme, the user can check training scheme progress in personal center-custom training page。